06 March, 2021

Regional Centre


Achievement of the Regional Centre, Ranchi (April1, 2010 to March 31, 2011)


Making its presence felt in the realm of higher education in Jharkhand

The most significant achievement of the IGNOU Regional Centre Ranchi; to say, that IGNOU has become a trusted institution providing viable alternative in the field of higher education in the state of Jharkhand. Rigorous publicity campaign and promotional activities by Regional Centre has brought dividend in terms of enhanced enrolments in different programmes especially in BDP, PGDRD, BCA and MAH. The Regional Centre has been functioning successfully in the remote area which is severely affected by naxal activities. The phenomenal growth in enrolments and optimal use of infrastructure of Regional Centre was appreciated in year 2005 and 2007 which resulted in “Best Services Award”. In the academic year 2010-2011 the total enrolment in the Regional Centre Ranchi registered 39,759 which was largest in the country. This was possible due to opening of network of Student Support Centres in each and every district of the state on one hand and intervention of RC in training of the teachers of state who belong to rural areas.


Establishment of new Student Support Centres in year 2010-2011

Regional Centre made a humble beginning in the year 2000 with merely 7 learner Support Centres which was gradually expanded, today we have 64 learner Support Centres which caters to educational aspirations of about more than 39,000 students. There are18 Regular Centres, 18 Programme Centre and 9 Special Study Centres.


Reaching out to rural masses

Now coming to the rural percentage, we have been able to reach the rural population in considerable way. So far 71% of the enrolments belong to that of rural population. These enrolments are mainly in BDP, particularly BA and few Masters Degree programmes like MAH, MHD and MPS Programmes.


Empowering women

The percentage of women enrolment under RC is very encouraging. It has registered a growth of 37% as on date. The number of students among women is significant in programmes like BDP, MAH, MHD, MEG, MARD, and PGDRD.


Launch of new programmes

We have launched programmes like MED, BA (Psychology), MA (Psychology), Diploma in Watershed Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology. Not just that, livelihood programme like Certificate in Poultry Farming and Bee Keeping launched in one of the leading NGOs in Ranchi.


Evaluation of Term End Examination answer scripts

RC Ranchi has been doing centralized evaluation of DPE TEE answer scripts including that of other states. In previous year we had successfully evaluated 35000 answer scripts. Moreover we have taken responsibility of evaluating TEE answer scripts of Regional Evaluation Centre of Kolkata and Pune for BDP and PG Programmes.


Optimal use of technology for the benefits of the learners

Regional Centre Ranchi is giving utmost importance to ICT for disseminating every kind of academic information to the students through Regional Centre website and kiosk .We have installed two kiosks at the Regional Centre premise where student can have access to information such as admission status, exams, assignment evaluation, TEE result, list of academic counselors of different study canters, change of electives, correction of name and address. As a result of which the queries at the counter has been drastically reduced and students have become used to accessing information through kiosk.